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Years ago... an aggressive form of lymph node cancer had metastasized into my colon and liver.

'Cancer Research
and YOU!'

CANCER - Living on The Other Side of The Rainbow.
Some years ago I was given a diagnosis that was - for all intents and purposes - a DIFFICULT sentence. An aggressive form of lymph node cancer that had metastasized into my colon and liver. I was in Boston operating a tugboat... not a bad place to be when you have, ...well, not many medical options.

Then, just when the times seemed so dark and forbidding, an amazing thing happened: a team of the most dedicated people I have ever come to know took up the sword and stood into the frey.

18 months later I was winging to the Central Pacific with a new 'life' at my beck and call. The only thing remaining was a feeling of general weakness and desire to NOT touch anything colder than my own blood (temporary neuropathy from the chemotherapy).
But, I was cured!

Today I have zero reminders of those darker days but trust me when I say that every night I hit the pillow and I recall every face and name of all those wonderful people.

For 20 years I did artwork as a charming sideline - but I was a wrench spinning Tugboat Engineer. From Harley's to Jeeps to Trucks to the Tugboats, I was always working on my stuff.... oh, and OCCASIONALLY - I'd do a piece of artwork.

Today I do ARTWORK almost exclusively with an OCCASIONAL twist of a wrench. And a portion of every sale I make funds Cancer Research in Boston. Do what you can - either by buying artwork here or even making a contribution directly to your favorite Cancer Research lab. Every penny counts - every penny!

Last year I was presented with "The Best Visual Artist" award on the island of Maui.

Not a bad change for a guy who thought he was "secured, finished with engines!" - all those years ago.


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