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From Dreams or some other means of 'headspace'
that keeps my ears from slamming together.

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Rapture  Rapture

Figurehead Wonder   Figurehead Wonder

Mermaid NastasiaMermaid Nastasia

Mermaid Sunken Tug Galley
Mermaid Sunken Tug Galley

Sea Horses in Love
Seahorses in Love    

Frolicking by Sunken Sub
Frolicking by Sunken Sub

Kong Tiki
Kong - Tiki

Grand Salon WaltzGrand Salon Waltz

Irony Can Be Very IronicIrony Can Be Very Ironic

Tiki Kieki - Leaki
Tiki Kieki Leaki 

Tiki-In-Law Tiki-In-Law


Art Critiki
Art CriTiki   

Brady Under Center (NFL does NOT like the Logo on this site.)
Brady Under Center  

Da Boss on the sidelines (Notice I evaded the NFL RULES again!)
Da Boss on The Sidelines

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