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Kelsey Media Productions 1 Minute Services Demo…

Kelsey Media Productions specializes in a wide range of marketing opportunities and digital media services.

This one minute fast-moving video demo accompanied by an original music soundtrack was produced to catch attention and bring awareness to our production services.

Our demo is one of the many styles of “eye-catching” videos that can be offered to help with most any marketing campaign. With over 20 years of experience visit www.kelseypro.com and discover more about us!

Call us at 781.365.4800

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Welcome to our Blog… anything goes here!

About Us

Kelsey Media Productions – launched in 1991 we have been providing services to over hundreds of clients utilizing all formats of digital media and creative marketing. Stephen Cataldo founder and president of Kelsey Media Productions is a marketing communications specialist with deep experience in healthcare, food service, biotechnology and high tech industries. I have worked with senior-level executives at a wide range of companies, from start-ups to large corporations. I have designed and produced high quality multi-media products that addresses business issues wider than just marketing and communications.

Stephen’s background experience includes marketing, digital media, website design/development along with video and music soundtrack production. Working several years designing multimedia for corporations, retailers, government agencies, entertainment and nonprofit organizations. Stephen has worked with over a hundred clients to create graphics, design websites, animation, presentations, video, and print media, and has earned a strong reputation for his expertise, insights and effectiveness.