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This one minute fast-moving video demo accompanied by an original music soundtrack was produced to catch attention and bring awareness to our production services.

Our demo is one of the many styles of “eye-catching” videos that can be offered to help with most any marketing campaign. With over 20 years of experience visit www.kelseypro.com and discover more about us!

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Creating more webtraffic with Video Marketing

Introduction to Video Marketing
Without going about the usual blabber, I’m just going to ask you a simple question and that is … have you ever heard of YouTube? If your answer is yes, then you have already experienced the effects of video marketing and if you honestly answered no to that question, then I have to honestly tell you that you’ve been living under a rock all this while. I’m dead serious.

youtube video marketing

Because you see … out of the millions and millions of webpages and websites out there, YouTube is ranked #2 in terms of the volumes of traffic that they experience. What does this tell you? It tells you that video is extremely engaging and addictive which brings us to our main point and that is “How can I bring truckloads of targeted traffic to my website?”.

Easy on me now as I do my best to explain step by step and give you countless tips as to how you can go about riding on the coattails of sites like YouTube and the like and get lots of traffic. Oh, did I mention also that the traffic is FREE and viral?

Before I show you how you can create your own videos, let me show you the pointers to making Video Marketing work:

1) Keep Your Video Short … People in this day and age are busy and easily distracted so unless there is real value and the video is really engaging, they will MOVE ON. By keeping your videos short, they are more easily persuaded to check out your video and also grasp the point of your video much more quickly. As a general guideline, anything from 1 min 30 secs right up to 10 mins would be good.

2) Give Quality Information and Great Value … Surfers like to pick up new things and find out great information all the time. By giving them great value, you also make your videos viral because they are then persuaded to share the videos with their friends thereby increasing your visibility.

3) Title Your Video Appropriately and Attractively … If your video is about your great tips on fishing, title it something like “Watch Me Catch 20 Kgs of Fish In Just 74 Mins”. Compare that to “Great Tips On Fishing”, which do you think works better at getting their attention? Remember, you want to appear unique and interesting. One very important point to note … make sure your keywords are in there also. We must never forget SEO or search engine optimization. You want your videos ranked highly on search engines, dont you?

4) Submit Your Videos To Multiple Video Sites … You need to leverage as much as possible every single video you create. Why submit to one site when you can submit to 20 others? Why 20 when you can do 40? After all, your whole point of video marketing was to gain traffic (which hopefully turns into a positive cashflow). What follows is a list of the best 8 video sites that you can submit your videos to:

  • YouTube – Biggest One Of Them All (Lots of junk here though)
  • DailyMotion – Gotten lots of views with this
  • MetaCafe – Same goes for MetaCafe
  • Revver – Pretty strict with copyrighted stuff

5) Display Your Site URL Clearly … There are 2 main places to display your url so that your audience know where to look for you. You need to put your link somewhere on your video (more on that in point #6). The other place you should have your URL / site link is where the description of the video is (see screenshot). Some sites make it clickable (like YouTube) so that’s to your advantage.

6) Display URL on the Video … There are 2 main styles of displaying your URL on the video. One is to pad the video at the beginning and at the end of it. The other is to show the URL at the bottom of the video throughout the video. Decide what’s best for you.

7) Mass Submitting Your Video … Coming back to point #4, if you’ve decided that you or you would like Kelsey Media Productions to put up your videos on multiple sites, it’s best then to use some tool to achieve that so that you save your time (i.e leverage). You don’t really wanna log in to each and every single video site and upload your video one at a time, do you?

8.)Be passionate and enthusiastic – This is a KILLER TIP! If you can convey a sense of enthusiasm and passion shows up clearly in your videos, you have a very high chance of your audience wanting to find out more about your products and services. Ask the top salespeople around. They’ll attest to this.

9) Be focused – Be focused on the objective of your video so that your audience know what is going on. Confusion is not going to work well in your favor.

10) Provide a call to action – At the end of your video, provide a call to action such as “Head over to http://… right now” or “Want A Free Report?”, etc

11) Submit Your Video To Social Bookmarking Sites – Yes, you can submit your videos to social bookmarking sites as well like StumbleUpon, Digg, etc … No better way to get even more viewers!

Video Marketing in Conclusion

I hear people say a lot of times why they don’t want to do any video marketing and I’ll like to address some possible objections here:

1) I can’t speak well enough – Hey, if you can speak to the average person on the street in your own language, there’s no reason why you can’t do videos. Contrary to the myth that you need perfect english, a casual tone would work much better than the “perfect professor’s english” (if you know what I mean).

2) I’m too ugly for video – Sheesh … you don’t have to appear on video if you don’t want to. And if there’s a real need for a real person’s face to present some product or service, photo stills can work or you can always outsource it, can’t you?

3) It’s too time consuming – Well, it depends on the niche and how complicated you want the video to be.

So you see … there’s really no reason for you not to give video marketing a shot. If you like to get in touch with us, feel free to contact Kelsey Media Productions 781.365.4800 and have fun with your video marketing! =)