Are you trying to Reduce Your Debt?

Helping People Eliminate Debt Without Filing for Bankruptcy.

Are you facing a lawsuit from a creditor or debt collection agency? Are you trying to reduce your debt so you can refinance? Are there old bills from your younger days that continue to linger in your mail or in your mind? Our staff can help.

Attorney Jeremy Cohen has worked more than 10,000 hours on behalf of creditors in an effort to collect debt. Now he is transforming that experience for the benefit of individuals needing to be rescued from their financial problems. The goal is to negotiate a solution where debtors pay something toward their debt and collectors close out their pursuit.

Combining his experience with his passion for negotiation has saved people hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few years. By reducing your debt by 75% or more, you can free up your monthly payments for something else and get on a path to improve your credit. He even guarantees his work! Improving your credit score can take time and settling for less than the full amount owed will not lead to immediate improvements in your score.

If the goal is to avoid bankruptcy and pay off some of your debt in order to finally reduce it and close it out, his staff is ready to assist. The firm has had success with credit card debt, auto loans, second mortgages, utility and medical bills, and more. We do not provide services for mortgage loan modifications, FDCPA violations, tax obligations or student loans.

The firm is not primarily a debt settlement company and is not a federal debt relief agency as we do not prepare bankruptcy petitions. We do not operate by accruing funds on hand to eventually make settlement offers. The firm has at times operated as a debt collector.

Debt Resolution

We will help you in eliminating your collection claim, we will attempt to achieve an agreement outside the courtroom whenever possible.