Kelsey Media Productions Animated Video Templates

Offering high quality Animated HD Video Templates that can help build awareness to your business, products and services.

Over 40 custom template samples on this page that can all utilize Video Footage, Content, Photo Stills, your selected Music and company logo. Videos that can be viewed on your Website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, a Presentation or added to a television spot. In addition to being a great marketing tool these templates are visually stunning and professional.

It's easy - to get started in producing your Animated HD Video..... you pick a template and send us the media/content you want to use. We then edit and produce your production. When production has been completed we will provide you with a finished production file rendered for your needs. Kelsey Media Productions specializes in helping businesses grow. For pricing please contact or give us a call - your company deserves no less! Check back often because we are always adding new templates to this page.